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Why you should choose Krasnoyarsk State Medical University?

Updated: Jun 5

Krasnoyarsk State Medical University in the top 100 universities in Russia


 The results of the National Aggregate Ranking “Best Universities in Russia – 2023” have been published, which covered 686 educational institutions of higher education.


 The rating was created by the Guild of Experts in the Field of Vocational Education together with the National Foundation for Support of Innovations in Education.  According to the rating of Krasnoyarsk State Medical University named after.  prof.  V.F.  Voino-Yasenetsky has significantly strengthened his position over the past year, moving from the third league to the first🏆


 For 6 indicators (“First mission”, rating according to the Hirsch index, rating according to performance monitoring data, “Assessment of the quality of education”, rating according to the results of professional and public accreditation, “International recognition”) the University received the maximum score, which indicates high scientific productivity  University, the high professional level of implementation of educational programs and the quality of education in general.

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